3 Tips For a Successful Blog

Success in Blogging

Blogging is a great way to share your knowledge with others.  It’s informal and easy to read.  So how can we make these little share-sessions more interesting for our readers and not make it a burden for ourselves?

  • Have a plan.  When you plan a topic don’t just do one story, do 6.  It’s much easier to keep the flow of multiple stories when you write them back-to-back.  You will also likely be able to write the six stories in not much more time than just one.
  • Keep it short.  No one has time these days to read long stories until they are ready to read a long story.  If your post is going to be long, warn the reader and give them the highlights up-front with the details below.
  • Keep to ONE topic.  Writing about 5 things in one blog posting leaves the reader wondering what the point was at the end of the read.  One Thought, One Idea.  Need more space, chain blog posts together or write a “250 steps to complete homework on time“.  Ya, right! no will read it!
  • Have Fun!  As the saying goes, under promise, over deliver; that’s why I added a free tip.  Have fun with this.  Express yourself.  It’s fun to do. Just remember, what you write will be on the INTERNET and will NEVER go away. So, use your inside voice, comb your web-hair, and brush your web-teeth.  Play nice and don’t run with scissors.   Well, you get the idea.  Don’t write what you wouldn’t want to be known.

This blog post is a little short — under 500 words.  The ideal for blog posts is between 500 and 1000 words if you are interested in posting your writing for “world access”.  If not, it can be any size you want — 3 words, 30,000 words; would make no difference.  Remember, Have FUN!

Privacy of Your Information

If you want to keep your posts private (what I recommend to start) just make sure you turn on this feature over on the right side of the screen. (might have to scroll down a little to see it)

Then, after you turn this on, this is what it will look like WITH the “correct” options checked.

The above option makes sure your blog post is ONLY visible to YOUR MEMBERS.  If you don’t turn this on, this post would be visible to anyone visiting your website, member or not. Which might be OK for some things, but probably not for family newsletters.  Game reviews? Oh absolutely let them be public.


And finally, classify your post with a category.

If you don’t like the categories I have defined, feel free to add your own. But, it is a good idea to select at least one to help keep them organized as your website grows.

If you notice, there is one for Newsletter too. 🙂

Happy Computing!

by Wolf :: Janitor @ The NEWSAR Times  (http://newsar.net)


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